China graphite market

Xin information since June 2017 preparation of graphite electrode manufacturing and graphite supplier special report "2017 China graphite electrode market soaring reason investigation" on the continuous tracking of China's 186 electric steel enterprises 332 electric furnace sorting statistics, from the trend of China's electric steel changes, China scrap market trends and the situation of supply and demand of graphite electrodes in China and the global needle coke supply and demand situation from four aspects, objectively presenting the current situation of China's graphite electrode demand in 2017 and the future supply possibilities, hoping for the industry to open the fog, see the future To provide information support for the healthy development of China's carbon industry.

table of Contents

The first part is the current situation and trend of EAF in China

Chapter One China Electric Furnace Steel Output and Electric Furnace Steel Proportion, 2006-2016

Chapter II 2017 EAF steel production capacity and actual operation

Chapter III LF furnace operation status of Chinese steel mills in 2017

The fourth chapter electric furnace steel and blast furnace steel quality comparison

Chapter V 2017-2020 China EAF steel production and electric furnace steel proportion forecast

The second part is the status quo and trend of Chinese scrap market

Chapter I 2010-2016 China scrap operation

Chapter II China's scrap market in 2017

Chapter III After the increase of scrap ratio, the demand for graphite electrodes in EAF steel mills changed

The third part of the Chinese graphite electrode market status and trends

Chapter I 2009-2016 China Graphite Electrode Output and Import and Export Situation

Chapter 2 2017 China Graphite Electrode Production Forecast (PR, HP, UHP)

Chapter III 2017 China's major graphite electrode manufacturers survey

Chapter IV Forecast of Import and Export of China Graphite Electrodes in 2017

Chapter V Analysis of Graphite Electrode Unit Consumption of China EAF in 2017

Chapter VI of environmental protection policies on China graphite electrode manufacturers and supporting manufacturers

The fourth part is the status quo and trend of China's needle coke market

Chapter I 2009-2016 China needle coke production and import and export situation

Chapter II 2017 China needle coke production forecast

Chapter III Prediction of Needle Coke Production in China from 2018 to 2020

Chapter IV Impact of Environmental Protection Policies on China's Needle Coke Manufacturers

The fifth part electrode market forecast